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Welcome user, to make use of our services (IE IRC or sites) you must connect to our DNS server located in Belgium. The DNS server is used as a gateway for our sites and other servers, it doesn't keep any logs and is fully anonymous, if a domain is not listed in our zones file it will redirect to the DNS server.
Who are we??? We are rsec, a group of hacktavists focussed on our privacy. We create and use programs to be fully anonymous and share them so other people can use them too. We want everyone knowing the thruth and make sure that everyone can protect their privacy.

Not much else to show here

Why do you need to protect your privacy???
Companies like google, twitter, facebook, etc... are collecting your data and most likely "selling it"
by putting an advertising ID on you and give marketing companies access to it. Don't believe us?
Look for yourself, insall UblockOrigin enable advanced user in the settings and look at connected domains.
You'll see "" almost everywhere, you can also search for is google spying on me or is facebook spying
or is *insert big tech company here* spying on me? you'll find things that may shock you if you're not familiar with this.
and we'll help you if you want to protect your privacy.
Here's a list of links that'll take you to some sites that show you how to protect your privacy.
The Hated One

IRC: irc://irc.rsec/
FORUMS: https://join.rsec/

To connect to these links you must be conected with our DNS server in Belgium. (DNS:

You can get a custom domain name for FREE by contacting us!
NOTE: it will only work if the client is connected to our dns server.

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